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What Do EMT Training Courses Teach?

EMT training courses

EMTs lead an exciting career helping those in their community. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that there are about 18,100 job openings for EMTs and paramedics each year. This is a solid career option with job security and an exciting skill set. Let’s look at some of the things you can expect to learn in EMT training courses.

Real-Life Skills

During your first few days of EMT training courses, you’ll have an ID made, meet your instructors, get textbooks, and a class syllabus. It might feel a lot like regular school or college, but EMT training is nothing like regular school. EMT training is all about exciting hands-on learning and real-life skills that can make a life-changing difference.

Human Anatomy Lessons

EMT training is great for people who want to be a part of the medical field but aren’t quite ready to commit to nursing school. You’ll learn medical terminology, how to assess patients, the human body, and emergency procedures. You’ll learn how to identify and diagnose life-threatening conditions and how to fly into action quickly to treat people.

Trauma Care Lessons

One of the most important things you’ll learn as an EMT is trauma care. Trauma care is a specialized skill that not many people have. Learning trauma care is also a skill you can use anywhere. Even if you aren’t on duty, you’ll always know what to do in an emergency. This could save lives even if you aren’t working as an EMT.

Certification and Licenses

During EMT school, you’ll also prepare for certification and licensing. This will enable you to get a good-paying job with EMT services in your area. Your certification process is crucial to taking the next steps in your career.

Hands-On Lectures

During EMT training courses, you’ll enjoy a good balance of lectures, class work, and hands-on learning. This makes EMT training a good fit for any learning type. You’ll also get the opportunity to consider other occupations in the medical field as you expand your learning and insight into the medical industry.

These are just a few things you’ll learn in EMT school. If you’re interested in a medical career as an EMT, please contact Guardian EMT today. We are excited to help you on your learning journey.