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About Us

Our Focus As An Institution


As our mottos states, Semper Pro Aliis or “Always For Others”, we strive as a unit and as individuals to consistently perform our duties at the highest levels on behalf of those in need. It is the character to always show up and give everything you have for a complete stranger that may never be able to repay you. This is our pledge.


Medicine is an evolving field that requires consistent attention to the ever-changing environment. Hubris is a mistake made most often by those who have never truly been tested.

We encourage our staff to continuously learn and grow, both as people and as clinicians, through humility and understanding. 

Building competency in knowledge and skill and exercising the confidence to put it into action when lives are on the line is our underlying mission. 


The actions, activities, or individuals that are motivated by or that show concern for the public good or humanity as a whole. You community is the lifeblood of society and deserves compassionate stewards. We thrive on this initiative and believe the greatest way to serve your community is to earn its trust.


We are accredited EMS educators with decades of combined experience in various areas of emergency medical care: 

  • Municipal & Specialty Fire Departments
  • Urban 911 & CCT Services
  • Flight Medicine
  • Remote Wilderness Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Hospitals & Clinics

We believe in order to effectively educate new members to the field, one must stay abreast of changes in the field and hone the ability to think critically across the spectrum of emergency care. 


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What Sets Us Apart

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